Green Funerals

Greener Funeral Options

We offer a wide range of funeral products and services that are both environmentally sustainable and meaningful. We want to ensure your life or your loved one's life is celebrated in compliance with your values. At McGeehan Funeral Homes, what's important to you is important to us. 

Fortunately, the greener funeral market has expanded considerably in the last decade. We can offer you more green funeral products and services than ever. These products and services entail different degrees of environmental sustainbility and impact. Below is a brief list; a more comprehensive list is available upon request.




Green Caskets and Shrouds

  • Caskets by Passages ®
    Offering handmade caskets or cremation containers of Seagrass, Willow, or Bamboo.
  • Shrouds by Passages®
    Offering burial shrouds of Bamboo or Natural Cotton (Anubis).
  • Alternative Containers
    Suitable for burial or cremation, made of biodegradable cardboard.

Green Urns

  • BioUrn by The Living Urn®
    Grow a tree from your loved ones' ashes using a biodegradable urn planting system.
  • Eco Urns by The Living Urn®
    Options suitable for scattering, burial, or home display. Made from sustainable bamboo, eco-friendly, and entirely biodegradable with no hardware. 
  • Eco Water Urn by The Living Urn®
    Suitable for water burials in lakes, rivers, or oceans (Subject to applicable local and regional laws). Made from recycled plant materials using only heat and water.
  • Biodegradable Urns by Passages ®
    A wide range of urns biodegradable in either water or soil. Made from bamboo, shell, cornstarch, sand and gelatin, and more. 




  • Viewing and/or Burial without Embalming
  • Green Embalming
    The line of ENIGMA Ecobalming chemicals by The Champion Company® are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and formaldehyde-free. They provide acceptable temporary preservation through essential plant-based oils.
  • Burial in a Natural Cemetery or Conservation Burial Ground certified by the Green Burial Council.
  • Undersea Memorial Gardens with Memorial Reefs International (www.memorialreefs.international/)
    Your loved ones ashes can be interred within a Reef Memorial and secured in 1 of 5 Undersea Memorial Gardens around the world. There, your loved one will be memorialized while supporting marine life revival in reefs weakened by climate change.


This selection is not conclusive. We are eager to provide the green products and services that work best for you, your values, and your budget. We would love to help you plan the greener funeral that is right for you and your family.

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